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Classes are available by arrangement only.

Dates to be arranged. The dates on the calender that are BLUE are NOT available.

Tuition is $200 for 1 student per day, $300 for 2 to 4 students.

Starting in January.. 

Tuition is $250 for 1 student per day, $400 for 2 to 4 students.


Most people complete the project in one day.

Contact me if you are interested in taking a class.

Blank01Students will learn how to forge a blade shape from high carbon steel. Profile and edge. Students will also learn basic heat treating techniques. Grinding and polishing of the blade to be ready for Handles.

BarRandomStudents will learn to make pattern welded steel using 1095 and L6 steels to create a bar of Damascus.
Students will also learn to use an air power hammer to complete the project. A rolling mill will also be used.

The class will cover some of the simple patterns that can be created from this simple beginning.

At the end of this class the student will have a bar of 80 layers large enough to make two or three knife blades.

See an Example of Damascus Work in a Slide Show.  Take the class and do it yourself!

tongs punchLearn the basic skills for forming hot iron.

The student will complete a set of Tongs and the punch needed to create the tongs.

The basics are: flattening, taper, drawing out, upsetting, bending, splitting, twisting, rivetting and

punching.  Other topics include forge construction, anvil selection, hammers, 

and how to swing the hammer without destroying your arm.

SkeanDoughStudents will make one of several types of handles for knife blades. stick tang, stub tang, or full tang styles. Includes making guards and pommels. Students must have a blade ready before the class.